Eugene Arutyunov. Designer, art-director, project and people manager. I live in San Sebastian, work in several remarkable teams.

Dodo Brands  ·  I contribute to the Dodo Pizza brand. Once we will have the best franchise in the world. Just need to figure out how to do this.

Gladlax  ·  I’m responsible for aesthetics. If you want a book or an online media and someone sane to be in charge of aesthetics — welcome.

Intuition News  ·  We tell about design everything we know. Then we learn something new and tell again.

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I wrote a book “The Complex Designer”. This is a book about thinking, communication and leadership culture. It is for experienced creative guys and those who are into these guys’ problems.

The book is available in electronic and paper editions, both in Russian.

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My most legendary project is Intuition Park. This is a centre of small innovations and a cool guys’ community. Favourite Park projects:

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Sometimes I lecture on design and how to organize creative process.

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Feel free to contact me at [email protected].