For the press

You can quote any of my texts in any amount that you find reasonable. I will be very happy! Do not forget, please, to give a link to the source.

If you want to make a summary of my text and retell the key point with your own words — please, don’t.

If you want to publish the whole chapter of the book, it’s better to discuss it first.

You can text me on Telegram or email me to [email protected]

I will be delighted (or not) to give a comment for a publication, answer the question and come to the interview. Here’s what I’d like to learn beforehand:

  • Audience. Who will see, hear, read that? Who are these people? How many of them are out there?
  • Distribution. What channels are used to distribute the material? Will you give me the links, please.

And here are couple of photos: